Are You Living Life on the Fly?

Living Life on The Fly

 Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.
Psalm 119:105

Listening to a Podcast with two of my blogger linkup friends the other day was completely inspiring!  Holly Barrett was interviewing Michele Morin on her Living a Redeemed Life Podcast.  Michele’s words hit my heart as they so often do.  She said:

“We second guess ourselves…Did I do that right?…We live so much of our life on the fly.  If I could study for everything that I had to do…If I could study beforehand, I’d be all set because I’d get on Google and look it up…So much of what we’re called on to do in life is just, on the fly1

Can you relate to Michele’s struggle?

I wish I woke up each morning with a brief from God alerting me to each of the issues my day will hold, but sadly He doesn’t do that.

psalm 119-105God does promise in Psalm 119:105 to keep enough light on our path so we can see the next step.  I really wish that verse said God was a ‘flood light’, or ‘high beams’ so we could see into the future; unfortunately, it doesn’t.

The way to “study beforehand” while living life on the fly is to fill up our minds with Scripture so when life’s tests squeeze the stuffing out of us, what comes out is in line with His will and His ways.  This will make the journey easier for us to see where He’s shining the light on our path.


Choose to start your day studying God’s Word so when you’re living life on the fly and an issue pops up; God can shine His light on a scripture that will guide you in the path you should go.


Father…Help me to fill up my well with wisdom from Your Word so I pass the tests I’ll take today.  Let your Word be the brightest lamp shining on my path so I find it easy to follow you wherever you will lead.  In Jesus Name…Amen

Post in the Comment Section below and bolster the faith of someone else!


 Drawing From The Well

  1. Psalm 119:105
  2. Psalm 25:4-5
  3. James 1:5
  4. Psalm 16:7-8

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  1. Maree Dee says

    This is so true we do live life on the fly. I am going to have to think about that today. I tend to overprepare for things.

    Oh, my goodness if God gave me a brief alerting met to the issues of the day, week or month. I think I might just give up.” I never would have dreamed I could walk the road I have walked. Thank goodness I didn’t know ahead of time and only grabbed God’s hand and walked it moment to moment and on a good day. Day to day. Thank you for this post.

    • Sherry Stahl says

      Maree Dee,
      What a great perspective! Only He knows how much we can handle.

  2. Michele Morin says

    Sherry, what a blessing that you shared this, because when I listened to the podcast myself, I heard my voice uttering that paragraph and thought, “Girl, you sound like a wimp.” Isn’t it just like the Lord to use the very words that I wish I could have slurped back into my mouth to speak to someone else.
    One more proof (and I need them all the time) that God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness.

    • Sherry Stahl says

      God is using your words in profound ways. I have truly been blessed by reading them. It was really nice to hear your voice on the podcast. Praying this extends the reach of your wise words to new audiences so they too can be encouraged.
      Much love,
      ~Sherry Stahl

  3. Laura Davis says

    Oh, my! If God had given me a briefing alert every morning when I was a young mother that might have come in handy (especially when my daughter almost broke her two-year old brother’s nose when throwing a piece of plywood at him). However, I have to wonder how much I would accidentally change His plans for me if I was given alerts like that. Just think about that for a minute. Let’s imagine that He alerts you to a car crash at 2:15 in the afternoon, so you avoid going out. But the crash was supposed to lead you to physiotherapy where the physiotherapist needed assurance of God’s love and you were the one chosen to tell her about Him. Makes you think! I believe I rather like living life on the fly. Thanks Sherry and thank you Michele!

    • Sherry Stahl says

      Great points Laura and I couldn’t agree with you more! God’s ways are best!

  4. Valerie Sisco says

    Hi Sherry,
    Preparation is the key to filling our minds with God’s words when things get a little crazy, isn’t it? That’s when we realized we’re ready to face obstacles because we’re equipped with what we need. So much truth in your words! xo

    • Sherry Stahl says

      The only way I know how to prepare for those pop quizzes life gives us is to continually study the manual 🙂
      Praying you have a blessed day!

  5. Kristi Woods says

    There’s much depth to Michele’s comment, especially for those of us who have walked the line of much uncertainty. (Boy, it’s frustratin!) As I read her words, the phrase that came to mind was “But then there’d be no room for faith.” Sounds rational and expected, but this time it clicked something in my own heart. Thanks, Sherry, for sharing today. Visiting via #heartencouragementThursday.

    • Sherry Stahl says

      There’s always so much depth to Michele’s words. Glad it clicked something in your own heart <3
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing some #heartencouragement! Praying God blesses you with His favor and extends the reach of your writing.
      Be Blessed & Refreshed Today!

  6. Brenda says

    Oh man, did I miss another one? I need to look for that one and set it up on my phone. The main time I listen to podcasts is on the 50 min. (one day) drive to my son’s school each day. (Not from though, I spend that time with my boy. 🙂 ) Michele gets around, doesn’t she? Love her. — I try to always begin my day in the Word, and you’re right, it makes such a difference. Didn’t think about it in terms of the “on the fly” living differences, but that’s so true, isn’t it? It’s tucked away in there and can speak to us freshly in the chaos of the “fly.” 🙂 — Thank you, Sherry, for sharing your heart with #ChasingCommunity. ((hug))

    • Sherry Stahl says

      That’s such a great time to listen to podcasts. Michele’s words do get around! I’m so glad they do.
      Praying God’s presence envelops you in His love today!
      Be Blessed & Refreshed,

  7. Crystal Storms says

    Amen, Sherry, to filling our minds with scripture. Because life so often squeezes out what’s in our hearts. Thank you for this encouragement.
    ((Hugs)) to you, sweet friend.

    • Sherry Stahl says

      Crystal so value your #HeartEncouragement You are one sweet friend.
      Praying for an increased anointing over your life and ministry.
      Be Blessed & Refreshed!

  8. Dawn says


    Psalm 119 is such an affirmation of His faithfulness to us, the way He meets us in so many different variations. I love that His Word illuminates our path.
    And your comments on my blog, your affirmation and encouragement… thank you. I wish you know just how much those words are exactly what my heart needed. And then I saw the blogger’s prayer graphic below your post and I realized, you absolutely KNEW that was what I needed to hear. I love that. 🙂 Praying many blessings over you and over your words and this space here, and may the Lord also increase your boundaries as you enlarge your tent for Him.
    Blessings and gratefulness,

    • Sherry Stahl says

      I’m so glad to hear that my prayers for you were encouraging. God has been challenging me to pray for each person that I come in contact with. I pray a lot for my blogger friends 🙂 I so appreciate your prayers too! How much more powerful will our writing be if we’re all praying for each other?
      Much love,
      ~Sherry Stahl

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