Eagle Push

Yesterday’s devotional had me researching all about Eagles.  For years I keep thinking about taking time to study Eagles.  I find them fascinating.  One of those ideas you think about, but don’t seem to get around to doing 🙁  In my research I found this amazing Youtube Video called,  “EVEN EAGLES NEED A PUSH, The Power of Encouragement” by David McNally and Mac Anderson.  It helps give you a visual of what Deuteronomy 32:11 was talking about and how “The Push” can be the greatest gift you give or receive.

If you haven’t read my devotional yet, you might want to read it first, then watch the video.  I think you’ll get way more out of the video and the devotional.


Click HERE to watch the “EVEN EAGLES NEED A PUSH, The Power of Encouragement” Video

Click HERE to read David McNally’s Blog.

Book The Push, Unleashing The Power Of Encouragement.

 the push book    Click On The Book To Purchase.


  1. Elly says

    Thanks Sherry!
    I have always been fascinated with eagles. Something that has always stuck with me – ‘Birds fly in flocks – Eagles fly alone’…it helped me through years of separation from my husband and being ‘alone’…I was a majestic eagle for awhile 🙂 It helped me feel better at times to look at life that way. Either way – God is good!

    • Sherry Stahl says

      Elly, There are SO many ways that Eagles are examples. When life is the hardest you usually are “flying alone”. I think God allows us to experience those alone times so He gets our full attention and He can heal us. Glad you kept such a great outlook on things and relied on God then to get through! Thanks for sharing!

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