God Loves a Cheerful Giver

Cheerful Giver
Each one should give what he has decided in his heart to give,
 not out of regret or compulsion.
 For God loves a cheerful giver.”

2 Corinthians 9:7 NIV

When I went to Guatemala in 2010 I fell in love with the people.  They’re some of the most giving people you can meet.  Our group worked with “the church under the bridge.” Leaving at the end of our week was so difficult.  We’d all become so close to the people in the community and especially the pastor, his wife and their adorable daughter.

Guatemala 2010

Just before we got on the bus the pastor made a presentation interpreted through Hector, our missionary.  The pastor’s wife had bought gifts for each of us girls on the trip in gratitude for our help and to let us know how she loved our time together.  The huge smile on her face revealed a very cheerful giver.

It was difficult to accept gifts from someone who had so little, but we could tell she was thrilled to bless us.  A truly humbling moment for me.  You see, I love gift-giving but I’m not always the best at receiving. She presented us all with key chains made in Guatemala.

Guatemala Gift

I still have mine today because a present from a cheerful giver is a treasure, no matter what the dollar value. You see, there’s a BIG difference in receiving a gift from someone who wants to bless you rather than being the recipient of a present from someone you can tell, felt ‘obligated’ to gift you. Even if it’s something you want; it feels empty, almost awkward.

I can understand why God had Paul write this verse.  God doesn’t want anything from us that is coerced. The NLT words it like this, “And don’t give reluctantly or in response to pressure.”

When you truly understand how much God loves you and how much He’s given on your behalf, having the heart of a cheerful giver will come naturally and you’ll end up with the heart of this amazing Guatemalan woman!


Father…I thank You for the gift of Your love.  It overwhelms me to imagine how difficult it must have been to follow through on Your plan to save the world when You knew it would cost You Your son.  Help me to have your heart so I give, not out of duty, but purely out of love.  May I have the heart of a cheerful giver and find joy in blessing others.   In Jesus Name…Amen

Dreams Taking Flight in GuatemalaI’d love if you would join me and some other amazing women on the mission’s trip to Guatemala, focussed on helping the women of Guatemala.

Saturday, February 24 – Sunday, March 4, 2018



Drawing From The Well-Blue 

  1. 2 Corinthians 9:7
  2. Deuteronomy 15:10
  3. Proverbs 11:25
  4. 1 Chronicles 29:9
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  1. Valerie Sisco says

    Hi Sherry,
    I’m so glad we’re neighbors at Holley’s place today too! What a beautiful and sweet gift that keychain is and what a wonderful memory of your time in Guatemala! When we receive gifts from those that have so little to offer we are humbled and pointed to God’s great gift to us, even though it sometimes feels hard to receive a gift like the one you have. But I love that it reminds you to be a cheerful giver for that is truly what God enjoys and honors! Sending much love to you! xoxo

    • Sherry Stahl says

      I’m receiving the love <3 Thanks girl 🙂

  2. Debbie says

    Wonderful story of being a cheerful giver and the importance of receiving the gift as well as being a cheerful gift giver.

    • Sherry Stahl says

      Thanks Debbie 🙂 Praying you have a blessed day.

  3. Michele Morin says

    I’ve heard from so many who have been on short-term trips that they received far more from the people they served than they ever were able to give. Blessings to you as you return next year!

    • Sherry Stahl says

      That is the truth. Whenever we give for God we seem to be the one receiving the blessing. #Godseconomy

  4. Liz says

    Love this story! What a sweet glimpse into the heart of God! XO

    • Sherry Stahl says

      She truly had the heart of God!

  5. Crystal Storms says

    “A heart to give, not out of duty, but purely out of love.” – What a beautiful definition of a cheerful giver, Sherry.

    • Sherry Stahl says

      That really is the heart I want. Praying you have a blessed day!

  6. Brenda says

    Well, you my friend are an awesome giver. 🙂 So sweet of you to send the book. — And, isn’t it so true that it’s easier to give than to receive? What’s up with that? I don’t like to feel I’m inconveniencing anyone, I think is a lot of it. But, giving’s so fun. 🙂 Didn’t you make that mission trip last year, too? Thanks for sharing, sweet friend. xoxo

    • Sherry Stahl says

      I did go to Guatemala again earlier this year in March with Todd. The Guatemalan people are in my heart <3 I feel exactly the same a you with receiving--gifts and help. I most often feel that I'm inconveniencing people too. An issue of self-value I think. I never want to expect things from others, but have felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit to go deeper on why I respond like this. Praying we both grow in the knowledge of who and whose we are!
      Hope the book leaves you refreshed 🙂
      Love ya!

  7. Lisa notes says

    I know how you feel, Sherry! When we went to El Salvador, the sweet ladies blessed us with so many hand-made gifts. On one hand I felt so bad taking home more than I brought, but on the other hand, I knew it was blessing them as much as me to receive their gifts. Such a reminder of God’s love for us! Undeserved but much appreciated. I treasure my gifts from those summers. Thanks for sharing this and bringing back such tender moments.

    • Sherry Stahl says

      I love your heart for people! From reading your blog I see a woman who loves God deeply and feels the same about those He’s created. Hope we get to meet face-to-face one day…this side of heaven 🙂

  8. Sarah says

    What a beautiful gift! You are right, there is such a difference when we give cheerfully.

    • Sherry Stahl says

      Thanks for stopping by!

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