Ayiesha Woods

ayiesha woods

Ayiesha Woods is a singer I love to listen too.  She was born on Long Island, NY, but moved to Bermuda as a child and then back to the US.  Her music definitely has a Carribean Influence.  It’s very soulful.  So, it’s not surprising that her music was produced by Toby Mac’s music label Gotee Records.  She has two amazing albums.  I have her “Love Like This” CD on my itunes and I LOVE it!  Ayiesha is a beautiful girl on the outside and has such an incredible voice.  One day I would be really, really “Happy” to see her in concert (Pun intended! “Happy” is one of her hit songs).  Ayiesha travelled with the Women of Faith —Revolve Tour for teen girls. 1

Her music makes my heart soar, especially when I listen to her song, “Love Like This”!  The line “Lord, I’ve never known love like this before” just gets me.  This picture seems to sum up what I think of when I hear this song.

child-hand-absolute dependence

So, do yourself a favor and click on the picture of her CD cover below to hear her song…so you know what CD to buy next 🙂

ayiesha woods cd cover


1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayiesha_Woods


  1. Joseph hillery Sr. says

    Hello this is Joseph Ayiesha’s husband. I have to say that i love your blog on Ayiesha. I have some great news about Ayiesha’s Newest Single “Hope Again” from the Runway Project release date 2.14.17. Available now!
    I’d love to share more if you’re interested!


    • Sherry Stahl says

      I’d love to hear more. I really love her music 🙂
      ~Sherry Stahl

      • Joseph hillery Sr. says

        Great! What email address could i send it too?

        • Sherry Stahl says

          Sent you and email Joseph 🙂

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