• New Heart

    {New Series} New Heart

    This New Heart devotion is #2 of the 4 Part “NEW Series”. The series is a group of devotions I felt the Lord putting on my heart for the NEW YEAR...

  • {New Series} New Beginnings

    New Beginnings can be a scary thing. Have you ever lost a job and been forced into a new career, possibly with less pay? Ever had a relationship breakdown..

  • New Strength

    {New Series} New Strength

    “But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:31 NLT

  • Ive Become A Nerd

    I’ve Become A Nerd!

    The title of this blog really isn’t appropriate. It shouldn’t read “I’ve Become a Nerd”, because I’ve always been one, deep down. It might seem strange to find out that this ? racetrack girl ?has nerdy tendencies, but it’s true. When I was a teenager I had a subscription to

  • Sound The Alarm

    HAPPY NEW YEAR'S...Todd & I... SOUND THE ALARM...Joel 2:1 NIV...The week before Christmas I had a really important meeting. While preparing documents, my computer...


    Christmas Message 2016

    We’re off celebrating Christmas with my family right now but I wanted to send you all a Christmas greeting. I hope you know how much I value you. I love hearing from readers and how God is using the

  • Celebrating The Women of The Christmas Story – The Senior Citizen

    HE MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN – ELIZABETH was the first Christmas Woman celebrated. I talked about how she protected the promise of God. Last week celebrated THE TEENAGER – MARY discussing how she was willing to be inconvenienced to carry the promise and very presence of God, Emmanuel: God with us. Read


    The Women Of The Christmas Story – The Teenager

    See the Introduction for this series in last week’s #SoulH2O post Celebrating the Women of The Christmas Story... Read on to learn about today’s Christmas Woman… THE TEENAGER ...

  • Celebrating the Women of The Christmas Story

    For the next 3 weeks before Christmas I am going to release 3 posts Celebrating the Women of The Christmas Story. I really wanted to title this series: The Teenager, The Middle-Aged Woman and The Senior Citizen I Want to Be Like, but I thought it was a little long

  • Gratitude For Grace

    Luke 10:20 We need to keep ourselves in a gratitude for grace mindset...