• Book Signing–Goodbooks in Oakville, ON

    Had a great day in Oakville.  I got to meet another author, Jayne Self.  She has published two books in the “Seaglass Mysteries” series.  I’m meeting so many intersting people and having others visit that I haven’t seen in years!   This Mother’s Day weekend was made extra special with

  • Giving

    Today was a day of Giving.  I don’t think you can rest your head any more peacefully at the end of the day then after knowing  you’ve helped someone.   My friend Nicolle Barron and I helped at a Women’s Connection District event in Komoka, Ontario to let the town

  • Women of Influence- Windsor

    I was priviledged to speak at this incredible event!  Over 250 women came to the WFCU Centre in Windsor under the leadership of Wendy Taylor.  We enjoyed great worship, fellowship, food and encouragement through the many testimonies shared.  Women of Influence runs these day events twice yearly in the Spring

  • Beside Joel & Book Signing–Indigo Book (St. Clair Shores store)

    Todd and I were so excited to have WATER IN THE DESERT beside Joel Osteen’s books!  Joel and Victoria Osteen’s ministry has been such an encouragement to us.  Hope to one day meet them and thank them! A couple week’s later  I had a book signing at this store.  My first Indigo/Chapters

  • Book Signing-Cameron's Windsor, ON

      Great time at Cameron’s in Windsor.  Even had some of my new family come out!  Great to have you there Brenda 🙂 Check out Cameron’s if you’re in the area!

  • 1st Book Signing-Family Christian Troy, Michigan

    I am so thankful to Tammy Percival, the manager at Family Christian in Troy, Michigan.  She was the first person to give me an opportunity to have a book signing at her store.  Sadly, we lost all the pictures from that day 🙁  They were somehow deleted off the camera.

  • Xulon Press–Orlando, Florida

      So glad I chose a publishing company in Florida 🙂  Love this state! Xulon Press has been a wonderful company to work with to self-publish my book.  More people are involved in the process of publishing than I realized.  It was great to work with amazing people who love

  • Florida 2013

    We took the younger two kids to Florida.  The older one’s couldn’t come 🙁  Maybe next time!  We had so much fun!  Orlando, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and fun in and around the pool.  So much fun you don’t want to go home 🙂

  • Valentine's Day 2013

    What an awesome Valentine’s I had!  Started out celebrating with my Gram.  I went roller skating with her and all her friends for the Valentine’s special.  Such a cool gram!!!  How many 80+ year olds do you know that roller skate?  Then Todd and I had Claudia over for dinner.

  • Cheering Us On!

    As soon as we got the book we wanted to show it to someone so we called Todd’s parents.  They were at his Gram’s, so we went over there for lunchtime and even got to see his sister Lisa!  What an awesome time.  They were so encouraging!  Having Grama Lois